As a Parent :
Unlimited Assessments for your child: As a parent, you can create unlimited assessments for your child from the range of these subjects: English, Maths, Science, Social, and General Knowledge(GK).

Rewards: As a parent, you can assign rewards for your child from the list of the pre-defined wish list and fulfill the rewards once your child wins it through the points gained by taking the assessments.

Treasure Board: As a parent, you can hide few rewards for your child in the online Treasure board, later your child has to find it based on the number of Turns he/she accumulates through taking assessments.

Reports: Based on the assessments your child takes, we generate reports that help you to know where your child is doing good and not doing good. So that you can take precautions in the topics where your child needs special attention. The benefit is that when the school where your child is studying is associated with Tudubuddy, then we give access to these reports to the teachers to give special care for your child based on his/her performance.

As a Child :
As a child, he/she can take the tests, win the points for the correctly marked answers
As a child, he/she can order the rewards that the parent has assigned, once the child wins, the parent can plan to fulfill the wish
As a child, he/she can participate in the treasure board


National Level Championship :
Tudubuddy conducts every week National level Championship on every Saturday at 7:30 PM IST(Indian Time) and at 6:00 PM GST(UAE Time). This happens on class-wise from KG to Class8. This is offered only to the registered students.
The tests happen on all these subjects, each week one subject in focus (English, Maths, Science, Social, and GK).
The cost to participate in each week's championship isRs.119 (for Indian Students)/ $1.99 (for others) per week.
After the championship is completed, the results will be sent to parent email with details like Rank, number correct answers and time taken to finish the test by your child
We send results email along with certification publishing Rank and school name on the e-certificates

Yearly Subscription at Rs.4999/- only :
When a parent takes yearly championship by paying Rs.4999 only, they will get below benefits:
The whole year, the weekly championships are free for your child and have no hassle of paying per week, since once the championship starts, no payment is possible for that week and your child can not participate in the championship that week anymore.
Automatic generation of assessments: Every week on Monday we generate the tests automatically(one test per subject) for your child and will be expired on Saturday if he/she does not take them. So we cultivate consistency in taking the assignments.

For Schools :
We have school module where schools can automate their assessment program for the complete year on Tudubuddy. This saves a lot of cost and time for both school management and teachers. There is no dependency on paper for the test to conduct anymore.
Tudubuddy provides the opportunity to conduct on request tests on our platform as and when a school decides through our Intra School Championship tests.

For both the above features, please write us an email to and we will provide more details and price structure.