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    Forgot my child username and Pin(Password)

    To know the username and pin(password) for your child, follow below steps.,

    Login as Parent

    On the Parent dashboard you will find the a box with Kid name

    Here you will see the Username and Password(or Pin)

    Kindly request your kid to remember his/her username and password to login independently

  • What does PIN (or Password) mean?

    PIN(or Password) consists of 5 digit numeric number required for Child during "Login as Child" on www.tudubuddy.com

    As parent, you can change the child's pin (or password) from the Parent dashboard.

    Click on the edit button that is showing next to child name and save the changes after modifications

  • Can I sign up from my Phone, Tab, Laptop, Desktop?

    Tudubuddy works on all gadgets like Mobile, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop.

    On your device browser enter www.tudubuddy.com and you can signup/login to Tudubuddy.

  • How to edit the child details

    As a parent, you can change the child's pin (or password) from the Parent dashboard.

    From www.tudubuddy.com, click on "Login as Parent" and login to the Parent dashboard.

    Click on the edit button that is showing next to child name, edit the needed details and save the changes after modifications

  • Guidelines while taking the test

    Once the test opens, continue the test without any interruptions, since no intermediate results are stored.

    Don't click the back button during the test or close the browser If you have any slowness while starting the test, retry again later a few minutes.

    Multiple choice questions with symbols "O" means, only one answer is correct.

    Multiple choice questions with the symbol "Square box" means, one or more answers or all answers are correct.

    Check the timer as the test closes once the time is over.

  • How to generate E-certificates after Championship

    E-certificates shall be generated after announcing the results/ranks. “Login as Parent” to Parent Module from www.tudubuddy.com

    Click on the “Championship” box Click on the “Completed” Sub Tab under the Championship box

    Click on the “Certificate” button on the test your child has finished.

    The E-Certificate can be downloadable and can be shared on Linkedin and Facebook directly.

    Note: You can update the image of the child, correct the school name by editing the Child details (click on the edit button showing next to the child's name), and can also regenerate the E-certificate if needed.

  • Does Tudubuddy cover all topics of the curriculum?

    Yes, Tudubuddy covers from all curriculum from CBSE, ICSE boards for Indian kids.

  • Is the payment made through your website secure?

    Yes, Tudubuddy uses the PayU payment gateway for weekly Championship tests to give automatice acces for Indian Users.

    For enrolling to the Value added Learnig courses like Vedic Math, Abacus, STEM-Robotics and Computer-Coding, the payment details(Gpay, Phonepe, PayTM) are mentioned in the Settings page in Parent Module.

    For all other countries, other then Indian users, the payment gateway used is Stripe.

    Tudubuddy doesn’t store user's payment info anywhere.

  • How do parents login on Tudubuddy?

    Enter www.tudubuddy.com on the browser on your device Click on "Login as Parent" --> Login page opens and enter using Gmail account or Non-Gmail account.

    Note: Make sure to use "Login using Gmail Account" when Gmail id is used else enter the non-gmail ids in the field and continue

  • How to participate in the Inter School Competition Nov 2021

    Click this link to enter into the competition:https://tudubuddy.com/

    Login as Child 

    You will see the timer running on the Championship.

    Wait for the timer to reach to 00:00:00 and Join the Test.

    Please take the Championship ID or Test ID from your school, else you can not enter into the test

  • Can I cross check if my child is able to have the access to the Competition

    Yes, to avoid last minute issues, cross check if your child has access to the test well in advance

    Login as Child from www.tudubuddy.com

    You will find the championship running with the Competition name

    You should be able to see the test timer running without any issues.

    This means you are having the access and can close for now and re-enter once again before the test starts.

  • I am not able to Participate in the Competition, What should I do

    As the test is Free of cost, only you need have the account on www.tudubuddy.com.

    For this singup and create an account for Parent and Child. Once the account is created, Login as Child and you will see the test.

    Write us an email to info@tudubuddy.com before the test starts. Once the test is started no access is granted.

  • What is the link to start the CompetitionTest

     Login as Child from this link: https://www.tudubuddy.com

    If you dont have the account yet, kindly Singup and create an account before the test


  • Which classes are eligible to participate in the Competition

    Only Class 4 to Class 8 students are allowed for this Inter School Competition Nov2021

    For Weekly Chmapionship, Classes from KG to Class8 are allowed.


  • What is the Curriculum of the Competition

    The questions are covered mainly on the English subject as per the class.

  • How many questions and test duration of the Competition

    Total 50 questions with 40 mints duration

  • Does everyone receive the E-certificates

    Yes, all the participated students shall receive the E-certifications with Rank, School name.

    Refer to the FAQ in this page on How to download the E-certificate for more info.

  • What rewards are available for the Winners

    Click here for Reward info: https://tudubuddy.com/events-rewards

  • Do I need to pay to participate in the Competition

    No, this is completely free of cost. So no payment is needed

  • When will be results shall be published

    Once the test is finished, we will publish the results on 20th November, Saturday at 11:30AM IST or 10:00 AM GST or 09:00 AM AST

    You will receive the email with Rank. After this, you can Login as Parent and download the E-certificate as well. Refer to the question on How to generate the E-certificate in this page for details

  • How can I see my Answer sheet

    Click this link and enter the Result ID that is received in your rank email to view the answer sheet. https://tudubuddy.com/championship-result

    If any concerns with the answer sheet, please reach us on info@tudubuddy.com

  • How Ranks are Generated for Competition

    Ranks are generated based on two categories:

    1. Total number of  marks attained (1 mark per one correct Answer) AND

    2. Amount to time taken to finish the test(calculated in seconds)

    When two students attain same marks, then the better rank will be given to the student who took the less time to finish the test. 

  • What is the role of parents during the test

    It is normal that parents or elder kids might be around the students who are taking the test at home

    It is very important to maintain fairness with your child who is taking the test by not supporting in giving any aswers or clues while attempting the test

    This is comes under ethical factor and can not be under the control or surveillance of Tudubuddy and if parents provide their support more then what is needed, then Tudubuddy is not responsible. Note: In the case of younger kids, parents shall support their child by reading the question or helping with online setup.

    If Tudubdudy come across such cases, then we will disqualify those students from the test and will be notified to thier school management. 

    We request the parents to understand and give your honest support to your kids. Thanks.

  • What if students found misused the online examination

    If Tudubuddy found that student have cheated or took parents or other people support in getting answers while the exam is happening, Tudubdudy will reserve all the right to interview the child with different set of questions on zoom to check thier concepts.

    If Tudubuddy found that student has taken the support from others, then Tudubuddy reserves all rights to disqualify the child from the test and the situation will be informed to their school management.